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Hay Fever/ Allergies/ Sinusitis

Spring is upon us! Are you enjoying it, or are you experiencing those annoying allergy symptoms? Are you running to the store to grab something over the counter to get some relief? Have you considered natural treatments? Maybe there is some “reason” why your body responds to pollen differently from others. If you are suffering miserably because certain trees are blossoming maybe you should consider natural, non-drowsy treatments. Read more »

Chicory "The healthy sunflower"

Chicory is a member of the sunflower family and is very similar lettuce and dandelion. The bitter leaves and root have medicinal value. Chicory regulates the liver and gallbladder. It purifies the blood and improves digestion. Chicory is known to nourish the heart and circulatory system. Chicory contains inulin which helps to regulate blood sugar. Chicory root is popular in blended coffees. So go outand purchase some chicory greens or root today! Read more »