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Take A Step

Take a Step!



            I believe that each of us have a unique set of gifts and talents that equips us for our purpose on this Earth. Sometimes we can get so distracted by what “Mr. or Mrs. Jones” is doing or saying instead of fulfilling our assignment. I encourage you to be true to yourself and to take a step toward the life of your dreams! Read more »

Temperance over Cleanse or Detox

    A word of caution to people who may want to try a 10 day cleanse or some exotic fast you never tried before when the new year comes in BEWARE. I am not saying a cleanse/detox is wrong, but I wouldn't recommend a detox for everyone. It really depends on the overall health and vitality of the patient. Every person is different genetically and has different levels of vitality to his or her organs. So if a friend recommends a hot new product during the New Year BEWARE. Read more »