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Are your pots and pans making you sick?

Working in the alternative medicine environment many of my patients choose a healthy lifestyle such as eating gluten-free and buying organic. However, the benefits of a healthy diet will be decreased if you are cooking your “healthy” meals in non-stick Teflon pots and pans. Certain non-stick cookware that contain Teflon or that are made of pure aluminum can cause a chemical breakdown that passes into whatever you might be cooking. Read more »

Is your Sunscreen safe?

Living in Arizona we are constantly advised to apply sun screen to ourselves and our children but how do you know whether or not the ingredients are safe? There are two forms of sunscreens Chemical and Mechanical. The most popular brands of sunscreens are usually Chemical. They contain Oxybenzone, which is a hormone disruptor as well as Vitamin A, which in the form of Retinol actually accelerates the growth of skin cancer. Read more »