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5 Health Benefits Of Forgiveness


1. Lowers stress levels

According to a study done by Hope College researchers, one of the benefits of forgiveness is lower amounts of cortisol.

The researchers examined 71 participants and their physical responses when they spoke about grudges as opposed to when they spoke about forgiveness and empathy. Those who exhibited more forgiving perspectives had lower physiological stress responses.

2. Keeps your heart healthy

Forgiveness is good for the heart—literally. One study suggests that people who hold on to grudges tend to have higher heart rates, while those who are more empathetic and able to forgive tend to have lower heart rates.

Why hold onto anger when it will make your heart do more work than it needs to do?

3. Lowers pain

Having a forgiving heart may lower both emotional and physical pain, according to a study done by Duke University Medical Center researchers. Out of 61 subjects who suffered from chronic back pain, those who were more likely to forgive reported lower levels of pain, leading researchers to believe that “a relationship appears to exist between forgiveness and important aspects of living with persistent pain.”

4. Lowers blood pressure

Letting go of that anger you’ve been harboring might lower your blood pressure. Studies show that forgiveness is linked to lower blood pressure.

5. Extends life


Your grudges might be shaving years off your life. According to one study, after testing adults ages 66 and older and determining their ability to forgive, those who were more forgiving in nature tended to live longer. Forgive, and you’ll live!