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       Ironically, this week alone I heard three married women say they were so lonely. I also heard one single female say it. I started thinking why are people so lonely? In todays society we can be constantly connected through the use of social media. However, I have noticed people are really connected with technology but not necessarily in personal interaction. Research studies have been done that terminally ill cancer victims who have a friend to visit or touch them live longer than those who don’t. It is also research that shows that elderly people who have pets, plants or some “alive” item to take care increases their lifespan. So according to the research it doesn’t have to be an actual person.  I might be giving away my age or heritage, but I remember when people used to know the names of their neighbors and people had a since of community. Our society has become more detached. Make an effort to try to connect with someone even if it is via your phone, a neighbor or online.  Two years ago, I moved to a new neighbor and I purchased a fruit basket and went to knock on my neighbor’s door. We started chatting and found out both of us were basketball fans. It turned to an invitation to watch games together, but it all started when I took the initiative to meet my neighbor. Have you heard the saying “no man is an island”? We are made to be social beings! Make sure you are connecting with someone and not just feeling left out, because obviously from the statements from the married women they still felt lonely. Get connected!