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Health Benefits of Carob Powder


Health Benefits of Carob Powder

Happy Holidays! During the holiday season lots of us bake delicious recipes. Have you considered replacing chocolate with carob powder? Carob is native to the Mediterranean region. It can be substituted for chocolate in many recipes. Unlike chocolate, carob doesn’t contain caffeine or theobromine.  In studies, Theobromine has shown to be toxic to dogs at higher levels. The National Hazardous Substances Database has shown that if consumed in high levels it can cause sweating and other side effects in humans.

        Carob has many health benefits besides just being a substitute for chocolate. Carob contains tannins that are anti-viral, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial. Carob is low in fat and contains calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen bones.  It doesn’t contain oxalates, which are fine in moderate doses, but in large amounts can contribute to kidney stones.  Carob is high in fiber, which helps cholesterol levels. Carob has also been shown to assist individuals with diarrhea.  Carob also contains Gallic acid, which has been used to treat with children with polio.  There is also research to suggest the benefits of carob with asthma symptoms. There is even references that regular use can prevent lung cancer however there hasn’t been substantial studies to validate this claim as of yet.

        So as you make your tasty treats for the holidays maybe experiment with carob powder you can get some of the many health benefits it offers.