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Health Benefits Of Chives

1. Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure And Heart

Allicin is one of the most significant compounds that have been identified in chives. Studies show that allicin is capable of reducing the bad cholesterol in the blood as well as improving the health of the heart. Meanwhile, the potassium content in chives is said to be beneficial in reducing strains on the cardiovascular system as well as lowering blood pressure by aiding in vasodilation. Additionally, the presence of quercetin has been directly linked to lowering cholesterol levels as well as reducing plaque in the arteries.

2. Chives Against Arthritis

As we all know, garlic and onions have excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The organosulfur compounds in these plants scavenge oxidizing agents and inhibit the oxidation of fatty acids. This helps prevent the formation of pro‐inflammatory messengers inside the body. Since chives are from the same family, this herb too can effectively aid in the therapeutic treatment of inflammation seen in arthritis.

3. Better Bone Strength

While there are quite a few vitamins and minerals in chives, one of the most important ones would probably be vitamin K. Especially so because vitamin K is not found in most other foods. Vitamin K functions in retaining or maintaining bone mineral density and calcium in the bone matrix. It’s a good vitamin in the fight against osteoporosis since it can help produce osteocalcin, which is a key part of maintaining mineral density in the bones. Studies also show that vitamin K consumption can also reduce urinary excretion of calcium.

4. Vitamin A For Eyes

Chives contain more vitamin A than all other allium family members. Vitamins A has been shown to be responsible for reducing oxidative stress in the optical system and delaying the appearance of cataracts. Studies also show that vitamin A can help reduce, if not prevent, macular degeneration. Moreover, the antioxidants and flavonoids present in chives also aid in proper eye health.

5. Gets Toxins Out


Like most other allicins in the family, chives, too possess diuretic properties. When combined with its free-radical scavenging and antibacterial properties, chives seem to work as a highly effective detoxification agent. The vitamins C and E that are present in chives also work to boost overall immunity.