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Health Benefits of Fennel Tea

1. Enhances Women’s Health

Fennel’s volatile oils have mild estrogen-like qualities, so they are used extensively in Chinese medicine to treat hormonal problems. Fennel is also used to boost libido and to stimulate the production and flow of milk in lactating women. It is sometimes used to treat amenorrhea or lack of period.

One of the greatest health benefits of fennel tea is its ability to stimulate the production of estrogen, hence relieving PMS, menstrual cramps, and menopausal symptoms. Due to the presence of anethole, the main component of fennel oil, fennel tea has been used for years, especially by midwives and herbalists as a tonic to protect the female reproductive system.

2. Improves Digestive Health

Fennel is often touted as an antispasmodic, so it can help relax the digestive tract and ease cramps and gas and to treat irritable bowel syndrome. The essential oil of fennel contains estrogen, which inhibits muscles spasms, allowing you to digest more easily. It even relieves hiccups. Its aromatic and carminative properties are an excellent ally to treat flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, or stomach cramps, which are also symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Kills Internal Parasites

Fennel tea reduces acid levels in both your stomach and rids the intestines of worms and bacteria.

4. Helps Cope With Colic

Fennel herbal tea is good and safe for children, as it relaxes the intestinal tract. This may help when your baby is suffering from colic.

5. Cleanses Blood

Fennel herbal tea increases healthy urine flow and protects your liver from alcohol damage and treats diseases such as jaundice. This blood cleanser may also improve kidney function and prevent kidney stones.

6. Burns Fat

Fennel tea helps reduce water retention, making it one of the best weight loss teas for you. It boosts your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat faster, reduces cellulite, and regulates your appetite.

7. Relieves Arthritis

By cleansing your body with this healthy tea, you improve the health of your tissues and joints, thus relieving arthritic pain and gout.

8. Boosts Immune System


To feel healthy, you need a strong immune system to help fight bacteria and viruses. A fennel infusion helps prevent the onset of cold symptoms. This wonderful tea helps reduce fevers, relieve sore throats, and treat most upper respiratory tract illnesses, namely asthma, bronchitis, cough by clearing up congestion and excess phlegm.