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Take A Step

Take a Step!



            I believe that each of us have a unique set of gifts and talents that equips us for our purpose on this Earth. Sometimes we can get so distracted by what “Mr. or Mrs. Jones” is doing or saying instead of fulfilling our assignment. I encourage you to be true to yourself and to take a step toward the life of your dreams!

I am committed to making my patients strong, healthy and vibrant. The last adjective of vibrancy comes when we are living true to our personal spirits. When we are vibrant we have passion and others can literally feel our enthusiasm. When we are passionate about our purpose we exude energy and excitement. Literally, when a person is living true to him/herself the confidence is electrifying! So even if you are in a place right now that isn’t your life calling but it is a step toward the life of your dreams embrace that step! Never give up on your dreams! As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day. So maybe today you haven’t lost the 20 pounds but if you lost 2 pounds you have taken a step! Maybe today you haven’t wrote the great American novel but if you have typed a chapter that is a step. Your dreams are there to lead to a higher form of yourself and we reach our dreams one step at a time.

If you have settled and haven’t been working on your dreams and goals- dust yourself off – and take a step! Today become empowered to be the best you – that you can be one step at a time.