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Temperance over Cleanse or Detox

    A word of caution to people who may want to try a 10 day cleanse or some exotic fast you never tried before when the new year comes in BEWARE. I am not saying a cleanse/detox is wrong, but I wouldn't recommend a detox for everyone. It really depends on the overall health and vitality of the patient. Every person is different genetically and has different levels of vitality to his or her organs. So if a friend recommends a hot new product during the New Year BEWARE. I have seen several patients become very ill during a detox. Whenever I cleanse/detox my patients I do it very gently to avoid all those flu-like symptoms and digestive upsets. I would recommend you only do a detox under physician supervision. I would recommend instead of a harsh New Years cleanse exercise temperance (self control) during the holidays. You really don’t have to get wasted at the Christmas party to have fun. You really don’t have to eat 20 slices of Christmas ham correct? I am not saying don’t have fun but if you are going to indulge to the point you are ill the next day (and yes that includes a hangover) then I recommend some self control instead of a New Years Cleanse. By all means enjoy the holidays, I am not saying you can’t enjoy a slice or two of cake but don’t eat the entire thing in one day. You don’t have to drink the entire bottle of wine to bring in 2015. Wishing you health and happiness during the Holidays!